strengthening children defenses

The proper functioning of the immune system basically depends on three factors: the environment, food and emotional health of the child or adult. A malnourished child or a kid in a toxic environment or with a serious emotional problem has higher risk of getting sick. It is therefore appropriate to demystify the whole market of natural or synthetic products that promise a stronger immune system: nutritional supplements, vitamins, royal jelly. They won't help if we do not take care of the basic pillars that guarantee good health.

Prolonged breastfeeding to strengthen the defenses

Nature has given us a wonderful way to strengthen the defenses of the baby at birth gift: breast milk. Mom's milk is a life product, designed to be the best food for the baby at each stage and time of day, sterile, perfect, cheap and always available. Nothing can replace it, especially in strengthening the children's immunity. Recent studies support that weaning child if desired, can be made ​​to the five or six years. Breast milk acts like a natural vaccine, passing, passively, the defenses that the mother has the breastfed child. The protective effect of breastfeeding against respiratory diseases, gastrointestinal, obesity, diabetes and leukemia, is amply demonstrated.

Balanced nutrition

For its proper functioning, our body need a proper supply of nutrients from the diet, not supplements or artificial foods. Children should eat plenty of vegetables and fruits of all colors daily (each color represents a nutrient, vitamin antioxidant or different), whole grains and legumes. Furthermore, their nutrition should provide quality protein: egg, poultry and fish are essential to ensure proper growth and development. Sugars, sweets, biscuits or artificial juices should not abound in a baby diet because of large amount of sugar, salt and saturated fats.

Clean environment and proper hygiene

The houses should be aired daily, to maintain a fresh, clean air. Field trips, outdoor activities ... in some contaminated sites are beneficial for children. On the other hand, it should be adequate hygiene, not excessively or not deficient, since both ends favor the child to get sick more than usual.

Emotional well-being

For proper physical development, emotional health is fundamental. Let the kids be kids: playing time, adequate rest and feeling loved and accepted are the keys to their welfare. If the child is happy, he is more likely to enjoy good physical health.

29 Oct 2015 / memorialhealth